You just need an internet connection at your home in order to gamble

You aren’t essentially required to be at a casino in order to gamble and win. It can be done virtually as well. You just need an internet connection at your home in order to gamble either for fun or to win real money. There are numerous virtual or online casinos that give the best casino odds and can be kept in mind for this purpose. However, the game play on internet is a bit different from gambling in a real casino. So, a few adjustments will be required from your side in order to keep things in perspectives. Similarly, the selection of a particular online casino won’t be really easy for you. You have to make sure that you will be able to improvise better strategy in order to make safer investments. You mustn’t be gambling on at those casinos that can’t be considered as reliable.  

Moreover, the payouts, gambling prizes and other benefits are required to be kept in mind. The aspect of reliability and complete guarantee can’t be neglected as well when it comes to selection of a particular casino. If you are willing to attain good outcomes then it is crucial that you should invest at the more renowned, reliable and reputed casinos. If you are able to get good payouts and higher probabilities of wins then this could be even better. Similarly, you must be able to play various games though it might not be an issue for you when it comes to gambling online. You will be able to play various games online whether it is roulette, blackjack, poker or online slot game. Random number generating Software is primarily used in virtual casino game play. So, there will be no issues associated with the reliability of outcomes that can be acquired by playing or gambling at an online casino.       

Phil Ivey: The most reputed name in poker

Poker is filled with several legendary players. However, there is no such tournament hero in the world of poker as stature of Phil Ivey. The stylish poker player is not only a feared cash-game icon the poker world but is in fact the best all-round poker player on earth.

Phil Ivey gained attention when he walked away with his first bracelet in the Post-Limit Omaha poker, when he beat other williamhillpoker legends such as Amarillo Slim Preston, David Ulliott and Phil Hellmuth. Ivey has won five WSOP bracelets but still wants more and as he wants to justify his reputation as a poker player.

The main reason behind the success of Ivey is that the player has always been a player’s player and does all the talking with his game and strategies and believes in less talk. His self-confidence and the capability to win have made Ivey one of the best all-around poker players in the history of poker.

Another reason why Ivey has been able to be a good poker player is that he enjoys what he does for a living – play poker and focuses on promoting his image on table and winning tournaments. 

Is the origin of Poker in Asia?

I know there is a couple if not thousands of Poker players that need to know where the game started from. Most people would like to know where the game was invented as well as who did it. One of the hottest topics in the Poker community must be this as a couple of sources suggest it came from the French, while others suggest the Spanish and others the Romans.

 According to keen observation and research, I believe the Romans did not have anything to do with the invention of the game. According to those who believe the Romans invented the game, it was played with wooden blocks that had numbers marked on them. If you have a closer look at the issue, you can realize the theory originates from the belief that many Romans used to love gambling. When playing on 888poker, you can see the difference between the Asian approach to poker and the European approach.

Some people feel that Poker came from the French in 1700 reason being at the time French Ferme and Chemin de Fer games were very popular and they are closely related to Poker. There was a card game known as Vingt-et-Un which was as a result of the two games and it’s believed to have translated to 21. Though this is a logical explanation, you can find some earlier reference of the game. In 1600 there was a written story of two people who played a card game resembling Poker. Nevertheless, it’s certain that Poker’s popularity can only be given credit to the Americans even if it came from Europe. When Poker became popular in America, there were bonuses offered by some gambling houses to pull in more players. There was one popular bonus where the name of the game was derived from known as the 10:1 payout; this is where a player had a jack of clubs or a jack of spades.

If you are a fan of texas holdem and don’t find favorable websites to play, then grab some information on the popular and easy cash sites here

If you are a fan of texas holdem and don’t find favorable websites to play, then grab some information on the popular and easy cash sites here. Texas holdem is a popular card game and one of the most played card games in casinos as well as online casinos. One fabulous thing about texas holdem is that you don’t play against the casino like in roulette or black jack, you play against other participants. If you are equipped with all the rules of playing the game, then below are some of the popular sites where you can play.

888poker is one of the first sites to avail texas holdem to potential players. It was initially known as Pacific poker. If you are interested in playing a plethora of tournaments, then here is the best place to be. If you are also interested in quick promotions as well as playing loose games, then you have to log in to 888poker.

William hill poker is another amazing website that offers about 16 million USD prize each month. It’s also reputed for its Excellency in software compatibility. You can also look on; it’s a favorite as its graphics are excellent. If you become a player at, then expect to be rewarded on a regular basis. In this site you have a 24hr customer service and you can play Sven Card Stud, Omaha, Txas Holdem as well as Five card stud.

If you are from France, then you should know Poker770 as it’s the most popular among French participants. This game has a couple of European languages for diversity and most of it’s players are loose therefore there is a high chance of making  a good sum of money here. If you want a site that is up to date with the current technology, then you should try Bwin  

Poker has been a favorite for many people and Europe is one of the places that you can get the best of it

Poker has been a favorite for many people and Europe is one of the places that you can get the best of it. Nevertheless, you don’t have to travel to Europe to play the game; you can simply play on European websites where you will get the taste of the game made in Europe. The most favorable website is known as Poker in Its fame comes from its ability to provide various resources for experienced players as well as those new to the game. You can expect one of the most respected groups in the community of poker in this website. There are also some important articles from well known groups such as the Hendon Mob.

The articles that you find here are very important as they lead you to become a successful player. They will guide you as well as provide strategies for the game. These articles can be accessed in French, English as well as German, therefore catering for European players. In this favorite website, you can find numerous tournaments ranging from those in Russia to those in England. Here you can also find lots of information on the best players as well as scan their profiles. You cam also look at the upcoming tournaments as well as recently completed tournaments.

You can also check out interpoker which is known as the biggest site in Europe. The site accommodates over 7000 players daily and you will also find top players like Kathy Liebert and Juha Helppi promoting it. Here you will find handsome bonuses and you can play using the sterling pound, Euro as well as USD. You will also find a wide array of games including but not limited to texas holdem, seven card stud and Omaha Hi Lo. It is rare to find one on one holdem games online but here, you can be assured of playing them.

Poker vs Blackjack in Europe

According to some historic tidbits, blackjack was played as early as 16th century, though we can freely assume that nowadays game of blackjack couldn´t be compared to what we play nowadays. And if any gambling card game beside poker is truly famous all around the world, it would be the game of blackjack for sure.

Nowadays game of blackjack is played with the deck or more decks of 52 cards, and it is an exquisite casino banking game. But it is also a game that has few rules variations which differentiate the game a little and according to those rule changes, the game of blackjack is known under few other names in order for the rule change to be easily distinguished.

Right now we are going to explain the rules of the most played variation of blackjack in Europe, and of course it is known first and foremost as European blackjack.

The first strict rule of this variation of blackjack that originated in Europe is that it is a two-deck game. The next necessary thing to know is that a house dealer´s blackjack beats any hand valued at 21.
If both, dealer and a player, reach blackjack simultaneously, the game is push.
In European blackjack, a dealer is strictly forbidden from peeking for blackjack.
Another rule is that a player is allowed to double down only on hands that are worth 9, 10 or 11 points.
If a player receives 10-valued cards at the initial dealing sequence, and wants to split them into two hands and bets, he is allowed to do that only if those cards are of the same sign, despite their value. Namely, it means that if a player received two queens he is free to split them. But if he for example received a queen and a king or any other card of the same value but of different sign, he is forbidden from splitting them.

If you want to learn European blackjack and train yourself, you may be willing to try playing it online first hand, before you join some brick-and-mortar in the future.


Texas Hold´em in the end came out as a winner in the gambling world

Despite the long history of difficulties it went through, Texas Hold´em in the end came out as a winner in the gambling world, becoming the number 1 poker variation labeling some of the most notorious poker players such as Annie Duke, Doyle Brunson, Gus Hansen, the best Texas hold´em player ever - Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and many others. It seems that after a century of struggle Texas Hold´em finally found it´s way under the sun. And most of all thanks to it´s persistent representatives as well as media that realized the fact that Texas hold´em is worth every attention, and publicized the game through literature, internet and of course – television, especially through the public broadcasting of the Poker tournaments.

What else incited people to engage into the most famous form of poker ever, was the possibility to rise to fame quickly if you were someone who liked hazard, who had patience and weren´t afraid to try. Namely, the immense popularity of Texas hold´em brought it into the internet area where online casinos opened the door for this game at the beginning of the 21st century. There few anonymous young players who had all the aforementioned traits, played not only stubbornly, persistently, taking the risks challenging even the most famous hold´em players, online. That is how boys named Isildur1 and Durrrr, or better known as Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom rose to fame in the last years of the first 21st century decade.
Not to mention the real involvement of celebrities in the Texas hold´em competitions, such as Ben Affleck, tutored by very Annie Duke, who went to win the California State Poker Championship in 2004, or Jennifer Tilly who is for years a professional Texas hold´em player, winning
World Series of Poker bracelet in the Ladies' No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em event in 2005. 

The benefits of playing blackjack in casinos

All casino games are fun and act as an alternative to relieve stress and make some extra cash. While most people gamble for leisure, there are those who have made a career of out it and just like any other person who wakes up to go to the office every day, a professional gambler must do the same. Blackjack in casinos is both played by those people who intend to pass time in style as well as professional enthusiasts of the game. Whatever the reasons, this game which maximizes on all 52 cards in the deck while being comparable to the popular French deck, is indeed something to rejoice when playing it for leisure.

There should be a fixed amount of cash that is allocated, this is the money that will be bet upon when playing. Note that casino games can be challenging thus why you need to be aware of everything as there are times when you might win and times when you might lose. This means that you should not start off with large bets but rather start from a lower level of bet until you become a pro. The internet has also enhanced playing of blackjack by allowing casinos to invest in virtual casinos as well as other interested business people on the same.

This makes playing blackjack in casinos a lot simpler and available to a larger audience than the initial strategy. Getting those higher points to win depends on how much you understand the game. The goal of every blackjack player is to stay close to 21 points at all times and when still at it, accumulating more than 21 points places you at a lucrative position to win. In some instances, a draw is a possibility which in this case is between the player and the dealer.

About poker in Europe and European gambling laws

Poker is a card game characterized by betting though it can be played for fun by applying other rules to it. Each country may have its own different gambling laws. In the European continent, poker takes a different turn when compared to the same game in the US. Whether you are playing poker in Europe via virtual rooms, or onsite in a European casino, there are various things you might need to put in mind. Before you start looking for the best European poker rooms on the internet, or the directory in order to check-out the best casinos, you have to understand the rules that govern gambling in that given territory. Gambling is regulated worldwide with severe restrictions, however, in Europe; these laws differ from one country to another.

 Generally, depending on the country’s constitution implementation strategies, the laws out focused not only safeguard the safety and interests of the public but they also solve major casino related questions. If you are planning to locate a poker room from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France or even Italy, you have to understand the current gambling laws and what games have severe restrictions. Poker is one of the games affected by such laws in most countries and in others, unless you are intending to play either of those games from the casino, the game could be termed as illegal.

In the UK, gambling companies are expected to pay a percentage of 15 inform of tax to continue participating in the business. This means that when an interested poker specialist intends to play in the UK, he or she must understand that the casino might be forced to charge extra just to participate. In all, the idea is to understand the laws that govern playing poker in certain regions so that you have your budget calculated before you join the game especially poker in Europe.

Phil Helmuth – The Poker Brat

Phil Helmuth is a living legend in the world of poker. Known for his incredible record as tournament players, he is also known as the Poker brat. Such is the class of Helmuth that he is the third player along with Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan to have won ten WSOP bracelets.

Phil Hellmuth was the youngest players to win the WSOP Main Event when he defeated two-time defending champion Johnny Chan in the year 1989. After achieving this feat at a tender age of 24, there was no looking back for Hellmuth as he went on to play more tournaments and added many WSOP bracelets.

Phil Hellmuth has around 50 tournaments to his name and has total winnings in excess of $8.8 million. However, just like the two sides of a coin, Phil has some negatives as well. He is known to show less than professional attitude and is said to possess a huge ego when he loses. This has ultimately led to the name Poker Brat in the poker circles.

Hellmuth is one such poker player who could win every poker game if luck weren’t a factor in deciding the outcome of a poker game. 

If you want to try something different, we recommend Black Jack. It offers the best odds at all online casinos.

Scotty Nguyen- A top Poker player

There are several ups and downs in every body’s life. However, it is the passion to succeed that has helped many people to taste success in their respective fields. This holds true for Scotty Nguyen who has worked as a dealer in casino to becoming the world’s one of the best poker players in the history of the game.

Scotty Nguyen is the only player to make history after he won both the WSOP as well as the Main Event. He has cashed in hundreds of tournaments and has participated in as many as 40 WSOP events and countless standalone events such as Aussie Millions, Caribbean Poker Classic, and Austrian Masters and so on.

Just as he is successful on field or table, Scotty is also known for its down-to-earth and positive outlook off the table. This behavior of the player has lot to do with the highs and lows he has undergone in his past life before becoming a professional poker player.

Players like Scotty are meant to play poker as they always give their fans a good game and put up a good show. With a positive outlook and his internal strength, Scotty is all set to rule the world of poker in the coming years. 

Patrik Antonius – The hottest poker player

Patrik Antonius is not just known in the poker circuit for his game but is also known for his looks as he becomes the cynosure almost everywhere he goes. The player is known for its undeniable talent and is most often confused with Brad Pitt due to his stark resemblance to the super-star Hollywood actor.

Patrik has been playing poker since he was 11 and since then he has developed the skills require to master in poker. The stakes eventually outgrew the club and Patrik became the most reputed poker player.

He used to play poker 12 hours a day for all the days of a week and made a hefty bankroll and at the same time also developed his skills, which made him one of the best poker players in Europe. Patrik has achieved several feats in his career. Right from ranking second in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic, to becoming a member of a team of high-profile poker prodigies, Patrik has also finished ninth in the inaugural H.O.R.S.E. event and 15th in the WSOP Pot-Limit Omaha Championship.

His love for poker and tennis is a rare combination and he is still going strong in poker and has all the necessary skills that are seen in a star poker player

Jamie Gold: The unstoppable

When it comes to World Series of Poker Main Event Champion, the first name that comes to everybody’s mind is Jamie Gold. This is mainly because; this young player has taken the most heat in the WSOP Main Event in the entire history of the tournament.

With a poker-playing family background, Gold has gained tremendous success in the world of poker and has now become an unstoppable force on the poker tables beating the likes of some esteemed players, which include Allen Cunningham and was crowned as poker’s World Champion.

Prior to making it big in the WSOP, Gold used to play live poker 40 hours a week at the casinos near LA and never played online. Apart from tasting success in the WSOP, Gold has also shown his dominance in other finishes such as No-Limit Hold’em, Grand Slam of Poker IV and Ninth Annual National Championship of Poker.

He was mentored by Johnny Chan and has studied entertainment law at UCLA. Gold has also been known to launch the careers of some of the high-profile film and television stars. He is also known as a poker book junkie and has used the books to hone his skills. 

A primer on mobile applications for Poker Players

Mobile applications for Poker Players are the most needed thing as it eases the process of playing in any part of the world. The mobile applications provide all the necessary details and information that are helpful to the Poker Players  n many ways.

The Poker Players whether playing for the first time or frequent Poker Players can get all the necessary information about odds, chances and more in just few seconds. The best part about this is that the Poker Players don’t need to spend a lot of time searching for information when they are in a foreign tables and can get all the information on the go. This in turn helps them to save a lot of time and money.

People who go on a vacation in foreign countries can also find the apps a lot more useful as they get to know the fun things to do in the foreign tables depending on their tastes and likes and needs and specifications. The apps provide information about art galleries, theme parks and all other exciting things, which people on a vacation might find useful and can use them to double their fun and excitement while on a vacation. 

Informed casino players have known for a long time that some casino is a Mecca for those wanting to learn how to play roulette. The roulette systems that are packed into this magnificently operated online casino, includes the Martingale roulette method. This method could be learned quite easily and can be accessed through a quick search under Martingale roulette.